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Expert Repair, Service, and Maintenance in Dallas, TX


With decades of combined mechanical experience, Motek Eurowerkz has become the industry leader in luxury car repair. Imported vehicles become more complex every year. To address these advances, we pair technology and innovation with expert technicians. Proudly serving Plano, Texas and beyond, Motek Eurowerkz is the one-stop shop for all your Italian, European and exotic car needs.

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Dependable Luxury Vehicle Service


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our hands-on knowledge, along with years of dealer and factory training, gives us an unrivaled advantage. All auto services are completed to the highest standards. Our mechanic understands that each vehicle is unique and deserves a personal touch. We are professionals when it comes to car maintenance, and we promise to treat every car as if it were our own.


Fast & Accurate Diagnostic Services

If something feels off when driving your car, do not wait. Mechanical problems do not go away on their own. Plus, one issue could start to affect other parts of your car. At our repair shop, we work quickly and efficiently to diagnose your car’s issues. After finding the source of the problem, we’ll provide you with a free quote for the recommended services and repairs. You’ll be back enjoying those Texas roads in no time!


Advanced Tools

When working with these vehicles, very specific tools are required. At Motek Eurowerkz we use factory proprietary tools to diagnose and repair your automobile. This ensures a successful repair that is guaranteed to last.


Servicing the Best in Class

Don’t trust your imported car to just any mechanic. They oftentimes don’t have the tools or knowledge for proper auto repair. Luckily, our shop specializes in such vehicles.


Honest Pricing

We value customer satisfaction above everything else. Fair and honest pricing is integral to our business. We will service your luxury car at or beyond dealership quality standards at a fraction of the price.

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High End Services for Luxury Cars

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aftermarket parts installation

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Motek Customs: PPF, Wrap, Ceramic Pro, etc.

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Luxury Car Repair and Maintenance Made Easy

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Customer Service

In today’s day and age, we understand how difficult it can be to fit auto repair and maintenance into your busy day. That’s why we’ve made this whole process easier. We collaborate with our customers to ensure that they are on board every step of the way.

Get Your Car Repaired

At Motek Eurowerkz you can rest assured that we will take care of your vehicle. Our passionate, professional staff will perform all approved maintenance and repairs quickly and carefully. A quality check is performed after every service to ensure success.

Fast, Friendly Service

If you’d like to learn more about Motek Eurowerkz, contact one of our service team members! Our experienced professionals are experts in foreign car repair, maintenance, and upgrades. We promise to deliver quality results quickly and within budget. Set up an appointment today, and you’ll be back on the road in no time!